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Shiloh Baptist Church Sunday School

9:15 a.m. Every Sunday on ZOOM

AGES 6 -17
Beverly Conish –
Sam Culbert –
Gail Grover –


 Parents who are interested in their children

participating at

9:45 a.m. Every Sunday on ZOOM

should email the following info to

Carolyn Wooten, Department Superintendent at

Child’s name, age, parent’s name, address,

phone number and email address

We look forward to working with your children!



Thoughts on the Sunday School Lesson 




Sunday School Lessons

Summer Quarter 2021-2022 Theme: Partners in a New Creation


Unit I Theme June – God Delivers and Restores


Lesson Title

Lesson Scripture

  June 5, 2022 God Foretells Destruction Isaiah 47:10-15
  June 12, 2022 God Foretells of Redemption Isaiah 49:1-13
  June 19, 2022 God’s Restored People Shall Prosper Isaiah 49:18-23
  June 26, 2022 God Offers Deliverance Isaiah 51:1-8




Unit II Theme July- The Word: The Agent of Creation



Lesson Title

Lesson Scripture

July 3, 2022 The Creating Word Becomes Flesh John 1:1-14
July 10, 2022 The Word Heals John 4:46-54
July 17, 2022 The Word Saves John 12:44-50
July 24, 2022 The Word Resurrects the Dead John 11:17-27, 38-44
July 31, 2022 The Word Gives Peace John 14:15-29




Unit III Theme August – The Great Hope of the Saints



Lesson Title

Lesson Scripture

August 7, 2022
A New Home Revelation 21:1-9
August 14, 2022 A New City Revelation 21:10-21
August 21, 2022 The River of Life Revelation 22:1-7
August 28, 2022 Come and Enjoy Revelation 22:10-21



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