Daily Devotional

May 21st 2024


“Keep My Sabbaths; treat My Sanctuary with reverence. I am God. If you live by My decrees and obediently keep My commandments, I will send the rains in their seasons, the ground will yield its crops and the trees of the field their fruit...I’ll stroll through your streets. I’ll be your God; you’ll be My people.”—Leviticus 26:2-4, 12 (MSG)

In Leviticus 26:3-12, God tells us that if we choose to dwell in His presence, then there are blessings that accompany that choice.
God said, “I'll make you fruitful. Your land will bring forth its fruit.” We will be a blessing to others. There is no greater joy we can experience than to know that we have helped someone who can’t help himself.
God said there will be full supply. “You will continue to thresh your grain until you gather your grapes. You will continue to gather your grapes until you plant your crops. You will have all you want to eat.” Every resource will be provided for us.
God promises that we’ll have security. “I will give you peace in the land; you’ll lie down, and no one shall make you afraid.” No enemy that will come against us will overwhelm us. God will protect us and give us peace.
God promises increase. “I will look with favor on you. I will give you many children and increase your numbers. And I will keep My covenant with you.” God will expand our influence to touch the lives of others.
God promises divine presence. “I’ll stroll your streets. I’ll be your God; you’ll be My people.” We will have intimate communion with God.
God will give dignity to those who choose to dwell in His presence. He says, “I will enable you to walk with your heads held high.”
“How are all these things accomplished?” The answer is found in the 2nd verse: “I am the Lord! These promises are guaranteed by Me; they are backed up by My character. I am the Lord.”
We need not worry about whether or these promises will be fulfilled; we know the One who made the promises.

Prayer: Lord, we thank You for the privilege of living in Your presence. We thank You for the promises that are associated with living in Your presence. Thank You for Jesus Christ, who is our assurance that Your promises are good. As we go today, let us walk in Your presence and help us to make Your presence felt in our world. In the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray. AMEN!

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