Daily Devotional

June 6th 2018


The family of God is the Church of the living God. It is the pillar and foundation of the truth.—I Timothy 3:15 (NIRV)

Paul describes the role of the Church in two dramatic words: it is the “pillar” and the “foundation” of the truth. The Church exists to introduce truth back into a world saturated with error and fantasy and falsehood.

We live in a confused world, and it is getting more confused all the time. The Church is called upon increasingly to speak the truth in the midst of that confusion, to point out that the emperor does not have any clothes on, and to speak things that everybody thinks are heresy and radicalism because they are so different from the confusion of the society around us.

The Church is the pillar and foundation of the truth. The ancient temples had great pillars, several feet thick, supporting them. That is the idea here. The Church is the support of the truth. The uniqueness of the Church is that God has made it to be the dispenser of the missing secrets that make human life function as God intended it.

These secrets are never found in secular authorities and writings. That is why every age makes the same mistakes, and every age repeats the same pattern. The world looks like it’s going to go somewhere, but it always ends up wrestling with the same terrible problems, generation after generation, world without end. The Church is called to shed light on that confusion, to teach people who we, as humans, are and what our relationship with the living God is.

Everywhere, on every side, we find people hungry for this. The cry of the world is, “Who am I?…I need to find myself.” It is to answer that poignant cry that the Church has been sent into the world. The Church is to tell us who we are and what God has created us to do. The Church is the pillar and the foundation, the support, the defense, the bulwark, and the buttress of truth. The Church recovers truth when it is lost. That is why all moral recovery in a nation always begins with the Church, with the people of God.

Any hope that we, in this country, will ever recover from this downhill slide into degradation and despair lies in the presence of the Church in our midst. When the Church fails to lovingly speak truth to bring light, the foundations of society crumble.

By the way…WE ARE THE CHURCH!!!

PRAYER: Lord, as Your Church help us to be the pillar and foundation of Your truth. As we go today, help us to make a difference for You. Teach us again who we are and what, under Your direction, we can and must do as a part of Your Church. In the name of our Christ, we pray. AMEN!

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