Daily Devotional

March 8th 2019


“A message came to Zerubbabel from the Lord. He said, ‘Your strength will not get My temple rebuilt. Your power will not do it either. Only the power of My Spirit will do it,’ says the Lord who rules over all.—Zechariah 4:6 (NIRV)

Too often, we think that things get done by our power. But in reality, on our own, we have no power; it is superficial at best. Our power may have some relevance when we’re talking about flesh and blood, but Paul has told us that there is a realm of conflict where flesh and blood power has no place. Thus, when it comes to spiritual matters, we need access to spiritual power. And the word for us today is that spiritual power is available to us through the presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives that helps us to get things done. “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.”

When we read Zechariah 4, we see that the angel of the Lord awakened Zechariah and asked him, “What do you see?” Zechariah said, “I see a golden candlestick. It has a bowl at the top, and it has seven lights on it. And leading from the bowl to the seven lights are seven channels. The bowl is filled with olive oil, which feeds the seven lights, and on either side of the lamp stand is an olive tree.”

The candlestick represents God’s servants. It reminds us that we’ve been called to be a light in the darkness. The fact that it was a golden candlestick signifies how precious we are in God’s sight. No matter how people perceive us, we are precious to Him.

The candlestick had seven burners and seven channels that feed the flames. Seven is a number of completion and it reminds us that we can never be complete if we don’t have God at the center of our lives. So many lives are built on sand, but if we want to be complete, we have to build on the foundation that is Jesus Christ.

Note that, while the lamp stand was made of gold, while it had seven burners and seven channels, while it was ornate and beautiful and precious in its own right, in its own right, the lamp stand was useless. For it to be of any use, it had to have a constant supply of oil. If we lit all seven burners, but had no oil in the bowl, the flame would soon flicker out. No amount of gold in the lamp stand could keep the flame going if there was no any oil. The channels that led to the burners served no purpose unless there was oil in the bowl to feed the flame. Consequently, it wasn’t the lamp stand that got things done, but it was the oil feeding the flame that got things done. The oil made it possible for the lamp stand to fulfill its purpose; the oil gave the lamp stand its identity; the oil, working through the lamp stand, made it possible for the lamp stand to get things done.

“Well, what is the oil?” The Oil represents the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the oil that feeds our flame; the Holy Spirit, working through us, gives us our purpose; the Holy Spirit gives us our identity; the Holy Spirit gives us our direction; the Holy Spirit is the power that helps us to get things done. “Your strength will not do it. Your power will not do it either. Only the power of My Spirit will do it.”

Prayer: Lord God, thank You for Your Holy Spirit, the oil that feeds our flame. As we go today, let us go, not in our strength, but in Yours. In the name of Your Son, we pray. AMEN!

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